Thursday, July 24, 2008


This stole is progressing apace. I have no idea what it will look like when I finish. This is an 'eyeball the yarn' process. There are some I wish I hadn't used, but I had the sense to use very little of it. I think it will be pretty. I may even wear it instead of giving it or selling it. Unless one of the children wants it. I am reading the 'yarn harlot' blog and I love reading it, but this woman thinks nothing of ripping hours of knitting out in order to get it just right. In weaving we call these people 'structure people'. And there are those of us who are 'texture and color people'. That's me. I like working with yarn because if it doesn't do what you want, you just sorta push and shove it until it suits you. More or less.

Church activities are beginning to wear on me. I never thought I'd say that. I am giving serious thought about resigning some of the things I do. I used to go to Braeswood Assembly of God on Wednesday night to find somebody who talked about Jesus - they had a rule that no one could serve in more than one capacity at a time, based on the theory that if one does two or more activities, they are depriving someone else of the opportunity to serve. Interesting. This was, and probably is, a huge church, so that works for them. I can't help but wonder if it would work for me. We talk about Jesus all the time. I know Fr. Stan is aiming for building a replica of the original church in which the church members are truly one's family. Some of this meeting situation is getting a lot for me. Also a fair number of us are elderly (there!!! I said it!!!). Because most of our congregants work, meetings have to be at night, and by nightfall, I am ready to stay in. We have another problem here. Many of our congregants live out of town in one of the smaller surrounding areas, and want to meet at 6:30 so when they go home they can stay. I sympathize, but..... its early to get dinner ready by 5:30.

We do have two soaking prayer sessions a week and I feel moved to go and have them pray for this clot of cholesterol which is threatening my heart. I want it gone and so does God, I am sure. My doctors are still quarreling about what is best for me. Agggggh!

Another woe??? My wonderful maid didn't show up today. I hope she hasn't had troubles. I keep calling but no one answers. I'll pray about this one. I don't want to lose her.

God bless you all.

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