Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friday Five

What is your sweetest summer memory from childhood? Did it involve watermelon or hand cranked ice cream? Or perhaps a teen summer romance. Which stands out for you?

Going out with daddy in his sailboat (like one he built) and spending three or four days fishing, swimming and cooking our meals on the end of Alligator Point (then a complete swamp) Bliss. We started this when I was three.

2. Describe your all time favorite piece of summer clothing. The one thing you could put on in the summer that would seem to insure a cooler, more excellent day.

Bathing suit.

3. What summer food fills your mouth with delight and whose flavor stays happily with you long after eaten?

Tomatoes from the back yard garden. Best eaten as you squat down in the garden and pick them. My father each year saved seeds from the best tomatoes of the year, and they were planted for the next year. Wish I had some of those.

4. Tell us about the summer vacation or holiday that holds your dearest memory.

When we first arrived at the beach for the summer, we (all the kids) would race down to the water and just plunge in - clothes didn't matter. It was a race down the hill. I also cherish the days of the sailboat. Loved to sail in a real blow.

5. Have you had any experience(s) this summer that has drawn you closer to God or perhaps shown you His wonder in a new way?

As I practiced my calling as a lay Eucharistic minister and went to see a dear man who just died this week. Ministering to him and to others draws me closer to God. My ministry includes singing to these folks too. I didn't think too much of it till I didn't go one week and they made George sing in my place and sent word for me to come back.

Bonus question: When it is really hot, humid and uncomfortable, what do you do to refresh and renew body and spirit?

A pool if you have one - lots of really cold iced tea. If you are daring, with real sugar, and sprawling out in front of at least one fan
Ok, what memories do you have of summer? Probably rendundant message - I love the beach. My beach, at St. Teresa.

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Cathy said...

Ain't nothing better than a 'mater dripping down your chin, right off the vine.