Sunday, August 17, 2008


The cataract surgery is doing much better. I have had the right lens taken out of my glasses. Of course, this means I read with my left eye only, but, whatever. Three more weeks (or so) and we do this again. I'm not allowed to drive for about 6 weeks. I think Dad is alternately pleased to have the responsibility and irritated by it. I learned in church this morning, that I know the service well enough not to have to read, and that I can actually read at a distance pretty well with no glasses.

The things which seemed unbearable, have become bearable. I'm not looking forward to doing this the second time, except that it will
even me up'. As far as color, the old color is a deep rusty orange and the new color is a light yellow. That has to translate to other colors as well. I like the new ones better.

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Mary Beth said...

the colors of what? everything?