Monday, August 11, 2008

surgery tomorrow

I saw the opthamologist this morning and he will remove the worst cataract tomorrow about 12:30. So please be praying for me as this takes place. He gave me the usual list of what can go wrong, but I have to do this. I can't have bifocal lenses implanted as medicare won't pay for them. I'd have to come up with $4,200. For that, I really think I will be happy with reading glasses. It'll be a change not to have to wear them all the time. My color vision is so off I have actually gone out of here in pink and orange. Once outside, I can see the difference, but not by inside light
Since I am still dilated, I can't really see what I am writing, so no marks off for spelling, etc.

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Cathy said...

I never have a red pen for your posts!

You betcha on the prayers for a successful surgery. I wouldn't opt for the bifocal implants either.