Sunday, February 24, 2008

another week.....

Time does keep marching on. I finally decided to go to the doctor and see if my odd chest pains were heart related. They aren't, apparently , but lots of other things are being checked out, so I implore your prayers that whatever is amiss will be healed.

Now, onward. Our Sunday school class is studying the Thirty Nine Articles found in the prayer book. Put into reasonable modern English these are fascinating, and sometimes very, very difficult. As we were working this morning, I was reminded of a situation I was in once upon a time. I was at St. Francis, College Station, with my daughter who was a communicant there. We were having a noon prayer service with Fr. Jeff and the comment from the Bible that came up was that when Jesus comes, if the people don't bow down and acclaim Him, even the trees and the rocks or stones will bow down. Fr. Jeff then said that while no one could imagine that, everyone would bow. I stopped him and told him I could see it perfectly and asked him if he didn't see the rocks and trees bowing. He looked at me and said "Well, but you're a mystic" and just went on with the service. Over the years I have pondered this 'mystic' thing. What does it mean to be a mystic, and am I really one? I can easily 'see' all the strange things mentioned in the Bible, - they are just pictures in my head. I get strange looks, occasionally from others when I say this.
My question is, do any of you see things like this in your heads? Can you visualize the trees and rocks bowing to Jesus? Please let me know - then I will know just how weird I am. Or not.
Onward and upward............


Mary Beth said...

Well, I can certainly see that in my head. I do every time I hear it read. Isn't that what everyone does? Isn't that what written imagery is give you a mental picture? Guess not.

Glad it WASN'T a heart attack.

Yeah for the continuing to walk! MB

The O said...

I'm finding it hard to verbalize what my mind's eye sees with this passage. I think that I tend to see "bowing down" as being worship - and for me, that always means music of some sort. Even if it is the deep, slow, "Ohhhhhmmmmmmmmm" of rocks (and turtles).

I think I actually hear more silence and reverance than anything else.