Friday, February 29, 2008

life is similar to a swing

In the past couple of days I've been all the way from excessively painful medical tests, and still not knowing any results, to the anticipation Sunday of my wonderful little choir singing the offertory at 10:30. I like the singing part best - duhhh. when I started this little choir, I had visions of older children - you know, like 2nd grade up - little people who could really read words on paper. When I had a children's choir about 20 years ago, that's what we did, and we did some wonderful work!. What showed up this time was two first graders, who yes, can read; two kindergartners who no, cannot and a two year old who shows up when the spirit moves him. Tomorrrow we are singing "If I were a Butterfly" In their enthusiasm for the movements, they often forget to sing, so I am constantly hissing at them "LOUDER". It works for about two lines, then I have to hiss again. Next month we are doing the "Peter and John went to Pray" song, in which, with the amount of walking and leaping going on, I may have to get louder than a hiss. It is really a glorious time, and we always have a lesson beforehand to be sure they know what and to whom they are singing. These kids amaze me. I do know that their parents are committed Christians and that they all attend Christian schools, but so far they have only had trouble with one of my questions and we all learned some new things as we discussed it. Too bad all children can't grow in such an environment. Now we need a few who don't know so much so my children can go to work on them.

Symphony tomorow night, if I feel well enough to go. A famous guitarist is playing - I am being enticed.

Life is really a spite of mean medical tests.....

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