Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hello New Day!

This has to be the day! I tried to go walking with MB and Dad while she was here and discovered that everything actually works except for a group of hip muscles clustered around the prostheses. So MB and Sarah gave me some hip exercises and I am off and walking every day for as long as those muscles work. Hopefully, longer each day--yes, yes! Work, muscle, work!

Dad is off to the kidney specialist. Usually they test him and tell him to go home, come back in six months. We'll plan on that this time. Friday I see the urologist and he had just better solve this problem, or else! I am past being tired of it.......

This weekend we have a conflict again. We are supposed to go to a PEO BIL party (greek to you? - not to worry) 5-7. Unfortunately, grands are doing the basketball thing again during that time. Whoever schedules these games is doubtlessly schizophrenic. Or maybe they just put a schedule out and stick pins in it with a blindfold on.

Big birthday dinner (an every month occasion around here) for RCW tomorrow night. Too bad the ptb's have just decided to have choir practice ever other Thursday night, beginning this one. I am 76 and I keep working on how to be in two places at once. Somehow I don't think there is a way, there is only a choice.

I know you are panting to know how the walking goes, so stay tuned!.



Mary Beth said...

I'm thrilled that you are keeping up with it! Yeah for you! It will make a difference in very very many areas of your life. And the stretching will probably be the most important part!

love and proud of you! MB

Presbyterian Gal said...

Hi mom,
I am a fan of MB's blog. Welcome to the blogosphere!

Good for you with the walking. My mom is 81 and I've just moved her closer to me and gotten her exercising. She's had knee and hip replacements, plus major surgery for spinal stenosis. And the exercise is a must! Perhaps yoga will be in your future as well.

ElastiGirl said...

Hi MJ!! Came over from MB's blog. Good for you in walking - just one step at a time...

Cathy said...

Hi MJ - waving to you from Bainbridge -- now I can find you blogging! When will you be making your trek back to St. Teresa??

Hooray for blogs!