Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Such Excitement!

Not yesterday - that was definitely not exciting, although I managed to walk 2 -6plexes and back, and that, two different times. Once I was delivering something, but it was walking anyway!

Today was something else. We started off by going to Mertzon to the great and wonderful spelling bee! I was the pronouncer and Dad and Nancy did checking. Nancy had the unpleasant duty of ringing the bell and saying "That's incorrect, I'm sorry". Glad I didn't have to do that. It was all the more exciting since both Spencer and Mally won for their grades. For the grand finale, Mally (4th) and their very good friend Hank (5th) were the finalists. It went on and on, with almost a conclusion, but then more had to be spelled and the tension was so thick you could almost see it. Loving them both made it hard to even give them their words, but the result was that Mally won for the school for the second year in a row. Now she goes to Angelo for the area bee. If she had lost, I planned to offer the rest of the family sanctuary here for the night. She is not the most gracious loser. After the bee, Nance took us to Rico's for a Mexican lunch. Much fun.
This afternoon was not enjoyable. A couple of weeks ago, middle of the night, I had a most horrible pain and truly thought I was finally dying. It passed, and while I wondered about it, I let it be, till I realized it might have been a heart attack. So off I go the good Dr. Untalan this afternoon, who is doing multi tests, but has pretty well ruled out a heart attack. There are several other candidates for the event, we just have to find out what it was. Many tests await. Let's all pray it was indigestion - agreed? As an aside, I have left behind a horrified X-ray tech because I told him I was hoping to climb a tree, soon. I don't see why this upsets people.

After all that excitement, I needed a trip to the library, where this time, I took a while selecting books. Last time it was all fast and I came home with some terrible ones. I did read Whitley Streiber's 2012. The back of the book calls it paranoid fiction. I call it totally and utterly and completely psychotic fiction in every aspect. His first books were pretty good fantasy - this was more than a bit much. Needless to say, I don't recommend it as a read. I have, however, come across a mention of a book called Mystics of the Church by Evelyn Underhill. Anyone read it? Any reactions?

By tonight I was asleep in my chair when church time rolled around, so we just stayed put. Tomorrow I interview for the newsletter. Some days are more fun than others - this one was mixed. Tomorrow will be something new and probably fun. Bye......

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Cathy said...

I am not familiar with the book, but am familiar with the author Underhill. Very well respected!

I love spelling bees - congratulations on Mally winning in her school!