Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Prayer Time, Please

Three concerns loom large for me this night. I enlist your prayers for these three folks, who all are in need of physical healing"

Junior Carrillo - Junior is the much loved foreman at the Bill Scott ranch, out from Mertzon. He is having problems with not enough blood reaching his brain, his heart is also affected and as yet no one knows what is going on. His doctor wants him in the hospital, but he refuses. It is almost anticlimactic to say he also has a shoulder separation which will have to be repaired. I think in addition to healing we need to pray for a willingness to go to hospital. I know this is frightening for some folks - I have spent so much time in them that it doesn't bother me, but Junior is on the other side of this. We all love this gentle man and his family really needs him.

Second, Harrris Wooldridge - for some, you will remember Sally Williams and her daughter Laura English. Harris is Laura and Hollis' son and Sally's grandson. He has had both legs torn up as well as a fractured elbow in an explosion in Iraq. His glasses were knocked off in the blast and his vision is blurry. He has been brought back to a hospital in Georgia and his parents are there. Please pray for this young man who has been so hurt in the defense of our country. '

And third, our own Ernie Beckwith, who developed bacterial pneumonia just after gall bladder surgery. Ernie is diabetic, which complicates matters. A gentle man, and we'd like to keep him with us for a bit longer.

Many thanks for your prayers for these people. I am always amazed by how our God answers prayer. Sometimes it is in ways we had never imagined, but He is in control of all three of these people, as He is of all of us.

Blessings, MJ

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Mary Beth said...

Praying for all! Love you.