Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Ho, hum, another lazy day. I had to roll out before I was ready this a.m. for church, and almost decided to miss Sunday School for some more zzzzz's, but at the last minute, went on with Dad. Surely glad I did. The adult class I teach has been blended with a special Lenten study led by the rector, and it is wonderful..... whatever this man says, I need to hear it whenever possible. I haven't every heard such pertinent teachings.

My trip to the doctor on Friday was not. He canceled as he had some special surgery to do and I am moved to next Friday. I'm ready to get something done about all this, so let's hope nothing messes up next week for him.

We went to both kid's basketball games yesterday. Spencer's game was pretty even, altho the kids on the other team didn't follow the rules which is a real bummer. Mally's team was seriously outplayed - bigger kids, more training, better teamwork, etc. Mally was not happy, but they will just work harder. One more week of this, then basketball doesn't happen again till next year. I enjoy watching it, tho I get a bit crosseyed trying to follow these little people up and down the court. Nancy coaches from the stands at the top of her lungs. Scooter won't even sit near her. I don't really think the children can hear her, but maybe they can. Anyway she enjoys telling them all what to do. Too bad we can't clone her a couple of times so she can get all she needs to do done. She does so many things so well!

PEO meeting this week and I'll just have to see if I can manage to get there. No worries if I don't. Between us, George and I are the delight of the public library. We boost their circulation to an incredible high, and they even carry my new books to the car for me, smiling all the while. Lovely people.

The walking is not doing well, so once again into the fray and off I go for a short walk this afternoon ( I seriously hope I do this). Cross your fingers.

More from Casa Butler later.....

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