Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Uh - oops.....

Just had word from my very necessary Medicare drug supplement program that I have now reached the limit of $2420. with my combined payments and theirs for meds. In June, yet! So I am in what is called the 'donut hole". This means that I have to pay for the next $1680. of meds, document this carefully and send the receipts in. This reaches $4000. And then, and then, and then!!! The excellent news is that Blue Cross has to pay for ALL of my meds for the rest of the calendar year. (EEk, I think Pollyana is back!) Really, this is a very uneven way to do things. Plus, they don't even cover all of the meds we take. Dad will reach the donut hole in about August. I used not to take so many pills, but since the heart cath, they have been piled on. I"ve managed to rid myself of a couple of them, but the others seem necessary. Or so the doctors say.

Note to all of you. While you are working, be sure to put aside enough to supplement Medicare and pay for both supplement insurances for medical needs. Also it'll be a good idea to get a nursing home policy. We never realized how important it is and hopefully will never have to need one.

I went to my chiropractor yesterday and while he isn't the best in the world, he does have what I call the 'Rack". I don't think they know the reference when I mention this name, but basically I am strapped to a table, and my spine is stretched out, first the lower, then the upper. It makes a major difference in the pain. Medicare doesn't limit my chiropractor visits. They used to try and one of the doctors sent them an x-ray of my lower spine and they quit quibbling about it.

Tomorrow we leave for Fredricksburg and I am really stoked! It's a fascinating place and I love to just wander around. Having the children, I will be able to see it through their young eyes and that will be lovely also.

I 'lost' Dad yesterday. He went off to deliver 'meals for the elderly' (in his early 80's) as he does about once a month. The office began calling me frantically to see where he was, and I was ready to walk out the door to see if he had had car trouble or something, when he walked in. Said he made his deliveries. So I phoned the meals office again, and the schedulers had put him on two routes at the same time. They did have the grace to apologize for scaring me. George is good, but even he can't be in two places at once. I knew he had gotten there or I would have heard from him. He is Mr. Dependable. I have now decided that the term 'elderly' probably refers to people in their nineties.

Be at peace with everyone. It's all gonna be just fine, by and by.


Mary Beth said...

Laughing out loud!

love you

Mary Beth said...

except I'm not laughing about the Medicare thing. Call mb