Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chilly Wednesday

Either time is galloping or it has really been awhile since I last posted. Today is chilly, and this is a welcome relief. I actually needed a sweater when I went out this morning - the comforter is back on the bed, and I am looking for socks. These sandals have to go until it is warm again.

After much prayer and deliberation I have decided that I am not called to the diaconate and will not be signing up for seminary. This may change if I hear a different call, but for now, I won't go this route. I'm sad not to learn all the wonderful things I know I would learn in school again, but I have plenty of reading to do - some to soothe me, some to interest me and some to educate me. Who could ask for more? I am actively looking for a way to work with youngsters and young adults in a hospice setting as I feel this is where I am needed. Last night I went back to Building Bridges in which adults and children who have had a significant death in their family come to help them build a less painful world. The program is outstanding and was written by a local lady. I will be there for five more weeks. It is done only twice a year, at 6 weeks each, one evening per week. Last night I worked with the adults, some of whom are hurting greatly and some who are mostly concerned about helping their children deal with the situation.

We continue to get pretty good reports from doctors, although I am still not allowed to exercise. Which, of course, means more time to read. I'm thinking about going to a fiber festival in Boerne the first weekend in November, but may not as I am going to Denton the second weekend to a DOK regional meeting with Mary Beth.

Dad leaves for a camp near Midland on Friday, for the weekend. This will be a churchmen's retreat. My friend, Carlene will also be gone, and I may go with her husband to a jazz festival on Saturday night. We'll watch the weather and see,

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Mary Beth said...

Woohoo, a date with Ed! Have fun.