Thursday, October 2, 2008

Six Unremarkable Things..

October 02, 2008
Six Unremarkable things About Me

Hey, MB, thanks for the tag!

1. I like to knit and watch TV at the same time. There are a few TV shows to which I give my whole attention, and books get that attention when DH watches sports or wars. These give me the willies, but he loves them.

2. I love to wash but hate to fold. I am blessed right now with an every other week maid who catches up on the folding for me.

3. I love going into my studio and just feeling all the yarn. I even play with it, matching and mixing textures and colors. Somehow it satisfies the tactile needs I have. If I could have it all out so I could see it, I'd love that more, but I have to have some sort of organization in there or it degenerates into total chaos.

4. I used to love the grocery store. This has changed over the last few years, and now it is a chore for me, even though I use a motorized cart to navigate the store. I think I just don't want to cook, anymore. Although I resent being called elderly, I appreciate the meals for the elderly we get every weekday - they really are good, and they take the heat off having to do a huge meal at night.

5. I dislike math very much - because I am really not good at it. I can do the elementary stuff but still don't like it. I couldn't count if I didn't have fingers.

6. I love my church, and I love being there. In fact, I've never been in a church in which everyone is valued and loved. Is this typical or are we unique? Dunno....


Mary Beth said...

your #6 is sad to me. But I'm glad you are in a church where it is so, now!!

I have two in my background.

Communities of Acts.

Mary Beth said...


love, mb