Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I voted!

I really did it! I had my mail-in ballot (not lost) and marked the ballot and caught the mail lady as she careened by. Dad voted this morning also. He is crowing because he has a sticker and I don't. I assured him it would soon fall off.

I have been so depressed since I took the 'deacon' possibility off the table, that I have put it back on. I know some of you think it is too much for me, considering age and physical condition. It may be, and I may not do it, but I am at least back to considering it. The next thing is to visit my deacon neighbor and see his books and course of study. I will also consult the internist and cardiologist about the advisability of starting this. And I may stop there, but I just don't know. I will tell you what I decide when I do.

Now, I have to study my E-100 lesson for tonight. It won't do to have the facilitator unprepared, will it?

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Mary Beth said...

I got an extra sticker and will send it to you! if I can find it...

Sweetie, you need to do whatever seems right to you! God will tell you.

I would be prouder than Punch to have you be in seminary and studying to be a deacon. I would jump for joy to be at your ordination.

You go GIRL!