Monday, October 27, 2008

This chilly evening,

we went to Mertzon to a Cub Scout program and dinner. I learned to make armadillo baked potatoes. Yum!! The lady who did some of the cooking also played the violin for us. The program mainly was how to dispose properly of torn, ragged, and otherwise used up flags. The children took turns telling us how to do this, and we must have watched them burn at least a dozen flags saluting all the while. The flags were both American and Texas. Then we said the pledge to America and to Texas. How many of you know the Texas pledge? It was a bit thin. Dad got so cold he had to go sit in the car, but I was pretty warm. This was held outside on the banks of Spring Creek, which is truly beautiful - it flows eventually into Twin Peaks reservoir so is part of our water supply. We really enjoyed the evening.

Tomorrow I'm having blood tests, including one for anemia. What on earth would the doctors our here do without visits from us all the time? Then, tomorrow night, more Building Bridges (for the children and adults who are trying to deal with death in their families. It is both hard and rewarding to watch kids and grownups work their way through their grief and begin to come out on the other side.


Mary Beth said...

ARmadillo baked potatoes do not sound YUM. I hope you will share the recipe here so I can learn more.

MJ said...

Easy. The kids merely sliced the potatoes about 1/2 inch thick most of the way through, oiled, wrapped in foil and baked. The effect is sort of serrated on the top when you look at the potato. It is tons easier to eat and get to.