Friday, October 24, 2008

This morning

I picked up the paper and there is a horrible picture of me on the front page. It must have been a slow day and the feature article was of the Eco-Fair coming up next weekend. The picture was taken at this fair last year and it is of me and a friend spinning. I'm betting they haven't many pioneer type photos in their archives of two women making thread out of fluff, so it was resurrected. I might have tried to look a bit nicer if I'd known this was going to happen. My DOK cross was very visible, however.

Slow week out here. We have rested just a lot, and done lots of reading. I've been pretty down, but coming out of it nicely. We are going to Spring Creek on Monday evening for a Cub Scout meeting. We have an entertainer about "olden" times, a proper flag burning ceremony, etc. This is the pack Nancy leads. We're really looking forward to this.

Our classes for E-100 are terrific, and I'm really glad we are doing it. I have 5 women in my group and it's hard to manage the talking all 6 of us do and keep us on task, but it's one of the high points of the week for me. The text for this program is The Essential Bible Guide- 100 Readings Through The World's Most Important Book by Whitney T. Kuniholm, published by Waterbrook Press. I don't know how to make the computer underline here or I would do so.

Tonight we took supper over to Fr Stan and family. Eileen was climbing on a chair last weekend, fell and broke both elbows and has two other breaks in her arms as well. She is really disgusted about this - she is a busy lady and this enforced sitting is wearing on her. Six more weeks to go. I try to visit and tell her funny stories. The problem with this is that I get so tickled at my own stories that I can hardly talk.

There's a spining-dyeing weekend in March at the camp outside of Tyler and I'm considering going. This is the same camp we go to for knitting camp in August - the one g'daughter Mallie and daughter MB attend with me.. The three of us have a ball. I hope this happens. I really like playing with dye pots and fibers, but not enough to set them up just for myself.

My senior citizen (old lady) ballot came in the mail yesterday. Now, if I can just keep from losing it before I vote......... Have to get it in the mail soon.

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Mary Beth said...

I voted! I voted! Yesterday, I voted! Can you tell I'm happy about it?


Glad you are enjoying the E-100. I know you are a great facilitator. Sorry about Eileen, though. That's rotten!

Let's definitely plan to do the fiber retreat. Did you see their website?