Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So far,

the meditating tree has not a hint of red on it. And we had a mild freeze last night - or so 'they' said.

I have been reading, in my alumni journal, about a ceative writing professor from FSU who has written a series of children's books. She also recommends other writers for kids. We bought several for Christmas for the children. I figure if we buy them, I get to read them first. Dad could read them, too, but he'd hate it, so I make him listen while I tell him about them. I'll put an asterisk (*) by these books as I add them to the list. Right now I am reading The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt. The lead character, Holling, is the only child in the school who is not Catholic or Jewish. The Catholics and Jews have Wednesday afternoons for religious education and school is let out for them. Unfortunately for Holling, he is protestant, and they don't have special programs, (oops for us!) so he is left in school alone with his teacher. Fortunately for him, his teacher decides he needs to read and understand Shakespeare. I love it. H learns all sorts of wonderful things to say in Shakespearean English, so nobody knows what he is talking about. Such an opportunity! And the plot thickens-----

You folks who are pre-teens at heart, check these out.

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Mary Beth said...

That's a great book, no?