Sunday, December 7, 2008


this morning was great. We sang with the choir,and these lovely people don't care if I go off on some harmony of my own, or whatever. Somehow it all sounds wonderful. I read once that 'he who sings prays twice'. I believe it. We are also doing some more formal music and I love that.

Wednesday night at Bible Study, since Thanksgiving eve was cancelled, I was supposed to teach both the rise and fall of Israel in one hour. Now, really. I could talk for two hours on the rise- the fall is sadder. Somehow we got through it. All my ladies are pretty well versed in the Bible and that really helps. At one point we puzzled over why God would harden Saul's heart. This sounds pretty mean. I asked and was told that it meant that God gives his children just what their hearts desire - and Saul wanted the ungodly things he did. Funny, I never gave my children just what they wanted. They wouldn't have been worth a fig if I had, and they actually turned out just great. I have to puzzle over this some more. Any ideas out there? There must be.

One day last week we did one of our marathon readings - an all day thing. My eyes weren't quite ready for this and at bedtime they felt boiled. Thinking it over, I realized that I had read 4 books and that's a lot of back and forth for my poor eyes. Also, I don't have proper reading glasses yet, since the cataract removals. All things in time, however. I am knitting now, and reading less.

I have decided that I hate cooking!!! After 44 years of cooking for this family I have lost the art - skill, whatever, of making food taste good. I made a bought pizza tonight and even it was nasty. Unfortunately, we still have to eat. We may start subsisting on fresh fruit - even I can't screw that up.

Daughter Sarah is selling knitted scarves for me at her school. Next year instead of me knitting willy-nilly, we think we will ask for orders and knit what is ordered. Maybe that will be better.
Also granddaughter Katie offered to sell some for me. I had less this year, but at least there is still a market. Have to watch the economy here. My friend June, who runs an e-bay business says people aren't buying and selling old shoes any more. They must be keeping their shoes. Buying used shoes on e-bay blows me away, anyway. I remember the real depression. Roosevelt made work for everyone who would work and if you would, nobody starved . CCC, WPA, etc. You had food, shelter and work and $5.00 monthly, with $20.00 being sent for your family, wherever they were. Families had to split up. My mom always had someone on the back steps eating enormous plates of food - we lived 1/2 block off the main highway and she swore our house was marked. And then there were the war years, with all sorts of things severely rationed. Everyone had a garden in their backyard. Did you know you can't make jelly without real sugar?

This afternoon, Nancy, Mally and I went to see the Nutcracker. We sat on the first row and I don't think I ever enjoyed the Nutcracker so much. We were right in their faces. Also the choreography was excellent, done by the new directress for the ballet, here. What fun to watch their muscles move as they danced. The guest artists were very, very good. Thanks, Nancy.

Enough blathering......

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Barbara said...

I am glad the singing at church and the ballet went well. It is amazing to sit close to the stage; you feel like part of it.