Monday, December 29, 2008


I recently read a favorite columnist, who said she needed to get rid of baggage for the new year. Well, yeah, uh-huh, don't we all? I am thinking in terms of 30 pounds, and lots too much stuff. But she seemed to think her baggage consisted of unfinished projects. I just don't think so! I have many, many unfinished projects around here, and I regard them as packages of infinite possibilities. This way, you see, whatever mood I happen to be having, there is always something that makes my heart sing, so I pull it out and work away at it. This is not baggage -- it is something great waiting to happen. Funny how we all prioritize differently....

Mary Beth is coming out on New Years day to visit for a couple of days! Woo-hoo! Now, if I could just get the rest of you out here...

And speaking of that, the Scott family is hatching a plan for a huge Butler family reunion at the ranch, sometime around the 4th of July this next summer. We have to sit down with a calendar and see what holiday the 4th makes. They can sleep about 28 at the ranch, we have 2 extra double beds, and there are beds in the Mertzon house. There are also B&B's and motels. The ranch is about 50 minutes out from Angelo. Do note this on your calendars and more info will come.

I need to go to the grocery and I am trying to work up my enthusiasm. I think I told you HEB has doubled it's size and it is unreal trying to shop. But, it has to be done. Usually, Nancy picks up a few things from time to time for me and that's an enormous help - but this is not a few things - it's a whole bunch - I do it about once a month and she fills in the rest.

The broken rib is healing and it hurts. I now use flashlights at night to wander around the house. Irritating, but safer. Dad occasionally plays golf now, and is playing pool as I write.

We had a spectacular and particularly worshipful Christmas and Christmas eve service. Dad and I spent Christmas day with the Scott's, and that's always great. I keep thinking Scooter can absolutely not outdo his tenderloin from last year, and again this year, it was the best ever. The children all received new bikes (among other things) and we spent a bit of time watching them ride. Saxon and Mally are within 4-5 inches of being as tall as I am. Whoever said 'time flies when you're having fun' was right. Saxon will be in middle school next year.

Don't forget the reunion!!!!!

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