Friday, December 19, 2008

A very good morning

to you all.

I am having the most peaceful Christmas of my life. And I'm enjoying it all.

One weird thing happened last night: I listen to books on tape as I go to sleep. As I drifted off, I heard the last of the book I was using, but during the night I dreamed a totally different ending for the story. Mine was much better, but I can't remember it all. Now, I'm not sure if I need to rehear the last CD to be sure I have the author's story in my head. Very confusing. Once, many years ago, I dreamed an entire novel, but had no time to document it. Really, really wish I had taken the time.

Taking a leaf from Mary Beth's book, I am following "be it unto me according to thy word". It's making for a very different period of Advent. I have bought very little - have two more small things to pick up and I am finished. Much earlier I bought many books for the three youngest grands. I feel that I want to encourage the love of reading I have, and also counteract the influence of TV and all the other handheld entertainment devices. Books are the best. I have read them all (gramma's privilege) and so can direct their reading to some extent. When Nancy was here she commented on the lack of lights on the front of the house. They are somewhere in the garage, but I can't see them right off, so just let it go. I have my favorite 'fiber optic' tree, also the small metal tree with the satin ornaments made by my mom. Other than that, there is very little decorating. Soon I will be offering from my collection of years of ornaments for a large tree, to the children. Anyone interested, let me know. I can at least photo them and send for you to select. I simply don't want to do this anymore, and I want them out of the house. Many were made by Aunt Betty and are priceless to this family.

Baking for a 'praise and graze' tonight. We enjoy all the singing and fellowship we have at these events. We really are a very close knit church group. After coming through the fire of refining our basic beliefs, and then taking a stand to defend those, we have come together in a new way. I've been in churches in which I took part in a small group like this, but this- this is the whole church. An amazing thing, really.

After two dreadful episodes of withdrawal, I think I have passed the month average for detoxing from statin drugs. I feel so very much better. I'll talk with my cardiologist on Monday, and we will try to find a happy meeting ground for a statin free life for me. I really believe the drugs were killing me.

So-- some baking today, praise and graze tonight, potluck and decorating for church on Sunday, make pies, etc. for Christmas day at the Scott's and just do a lot of resting.

"be it unto me according to thy will" . And thank you Lord.........

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Barbara said...

So glad you are feeling better. I love your fiber optic tree. Take care.