Sunday, December 14, 2008


Nancy took Dad and me, along with the three kids to see the local youngsters produce Willie Wonka. It was very well done. The choreography and dancing were outstanding - and I spotted another church child in it. Mally had spent the night before. We went through bags and bags of old costume jewelry and she took some for herself and some for her mom. I kept what I wanted and have a bag for my friend June. We really didn't finish as we were still matching earrings when it was time to leave. She kept some earrings although her dad won't let her pierce her ears until she is 16. She's counting the days. She was a love to have, and playing with jewelry was right down her alley.

For some reason, today I am so tired I don't think I can make church. I was all dressed to go to choir rehearsal with G. and just couldn't summon up the energy. I doubt I will make church even, but yes! I am wearing the necklace with which I can summon help if I need it. (That was to reassure the folks who worry about me being alone). Wearing it is a really good idea.

I've finished the knitting projects and can't work up the oomph to start another so I may just sit awhile. Or maybe crochet. Somehow that's easier as long as I don't have a pattern to follow.
Or maybe just sit and think.

We will be with the Scott's on Christmas day, yippee! This is always lots of fun. Then, MB is coming after Christmas for a few days and will help me plan and execute some easy freezer meals.

I'm "supposed" to do lots of things as the month wears on, but I doubt I'll do any of them except see doctors, More later, maybe.....


Mary Beth said...

Thank you, thank you, for wearing the necklace!!!

Barbara said...

Just thinking is always a good option, and I enjoy it when you share your thoughts. Take care.