Friday, December 12, 2008

So how small is our world?

Pretty small. Last night we went to the monthly birthday dinner for the folks in our retirement community. The entertainment was one of our residents, a lady I had never met, singing. She has a beautiful alto, smoky voice and, at 83, was always on key. As she introduced herself, she mentioned that she was from Florida and had attended UF in Gainesville, and had been a singer for a band there. This got my attention rather quickly. After the show I introduced myself and told her that UF was my school also (or one of them). She went to Univ of Florida in 1941 at 15 years of age as a freshman. I went in 1951 as a junior. She didn't finish because of Pearl Harbor, but returned home to Tampa. She didn't marry a Texan but married a man headed for Texas and has been here since. We managed a rousing chorus of "We are the boys from old Florida, down where the old Gators play...", a corny song but one my father sang to me when I was a child. He went to UF also. The snapper was when she told me she had a married daughter living in Mertzon. I said something lame like "I do too" and it turns out her daughter may have married a family kin to Scooter. Is this not unlikely, to say the least? So how small is our world? Maybe about an inch?

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