Monday, December 22, 2008


I am still being 'let it be unto me according to Thy word' as best I can. I was merrily proceeding with my week according to my plan,( hear the big "MY" there?) and was abruptly stopped. In the night, Saturday, I somehow lost the bed as I was coming back from a nightly trip to the necessary. It wasn't where I knew it was supposed to be, and to make a long story short, I had a bad fall. I did bad things to my ribs and tho I was able to get myself up and back to the bed, I spent a sleepless night. I do keep pain meds on hand and they were a help, but there was only one position for me to be in to have minimal discomfort and that one got old. I had planned to make my 'famous' garlic cheese grits for the potluck and decorating, after church. I had clothes out, ready to go and join the choir and sing loudly. Everything was in readiness, except for me. I truly thought I might make just church, sit in the back and have communion brought to me, but no - that didn't happen. I sent DH off to do his LEM duties and when he returned he had brought communion for me! Bless the man. Then we made a trip to the 'doc-in-the-box' around the corner. This took several hours. Result, no broken ribs, but severe bruising and pain - also another bladder infection lurking around. I was sent home to move very gingerly.

What does 'according to thy word' mean in all this? Probably that I was consumed with busyiness and not focussed on the real thing - Jesus. We can do without the grits and the decorating of the two trees and the church, but we can't do without Jesus. I also tend to think I am indestructible. This has worked well most of my life,but isn't working just now. I am really not indestructible, and I have to stay focussed on the important rather than the busyness. With help I am on the way to learning this lesson. Lord, help me.

Christmas blessings to all my blogging friends.......

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Barbara said...

Good to talk with you today. Take care of yourself. Love, Barbara