Sunday, September 28, 2008


Started this entry earlier and got sidetracked, so here goes again....The glory referred to the service this morning. The flowers set the tone - they are placed behind the altar with light from two side windows coming in. The center of the arrangement was a tall stand of orange gladiolus, looking just like tongues of flame reaching up toward the cross. More than striking, it was breathtaking. Also a friend had painted a life sized portrait of Jesus and it was dedicated. All this time in Bible study and I had no idea she had this talent. We are honored to have this painting.

Then the service went 2 1/2 hours. No, we don't usually do this, but our African bishop was there and he and his wife are special favorites of mine. He is retiring and we will have a new bishop soon. But, at this service, we had a deacon ordained, a baptism, three transfers from other denominations and 10 confirmations. I hope this means we are doing something right. One thing about it--- Dad said if we want a full house we can try breakfast beforehand and a fabulous meal afterward. Feed them and they will come. Our new Deacon had an enormous family turnout. He is already hard at work and another person is entering seminary intending to become a deacon. I have frequently given much prayer and thought to this path, but at this point, I need to get stronger to be of much use. I'll pray on that, too.

Also went to Spencer's (oops- I mean Soup Bob's) birthday party this afternoon - what a madhouse of mostly little boys, but several girls also. I was particularly amused by the one who entrances him and the one who is entranced by him. I think he invited his whole class. They did the pirate thing again, and it was hugely successful. Dad was so wiped out after the morning that he stayed home and rested.
Saxon had spent the night with us and, of course, we made a pumpkin pie. This morning as usual, he asked for pie for breakfast, which I always indulge. I am the gran, after all, and I get to do things like this. But, but, but -- after he ate a quarter (half of the 1/2 we had left) he opined that he probably needed to eat the other quarter. So I let him. I did warn his mom that I doubted he would eat at the brunch, when she came for him. She couldn't quite believe I let him eat half a pie -- but it was a small pie after all.

Tomorrow, back to the round of doctors again. Pfaugh! (love that word!)


Mary Beth said...

Well, and really...if he's going to eat half a pie, pumpkin is the one to choose! all that beta carotene! All the vitamin A!

And Fiber!

I say, good on you, Gran!

MJ said...

Thanks, MB - I think so too.