Thursday, September 4, 2008

Going places....

And we are doing just this now. Starting today we are attempting to drive and are both pretthy sure it is ok if we go slowly and are very careful. Which we should be anyway.

Spinners meeting this afternoon and met two new would be spinners and a lady who is going to bring her loom over so we can get it warped. She knows how to weave, but not to warp. I used to say when I got to heaven, God would have all the looms warped for me, I so dislike doing it. I expect He will have other things in mind, but who knows.

Mally fell tonight and i just heard from Nancy in the emergency room that her arm is broken up near the shoulder. She's in a lot of pain and I hate this for her. We will go out tomorrow afternoon to see her if we make it through the morning. Have not been able to go to church for two weeks it this feels very strange. It will be good to be back tomorrow. Our pastor has been off painting his daughter's new house and I'll be glad to see him too.

MB, I hope the sinus thing has cleared up.


Katie B said...

So sorry to hear about mallory. I hope she is doing better today. She is such a tough little girl!

take care!

Mary Beth said...

Give Mallory loves for me (but not hugs!!)

I am still sinusy but not dizzy any more.