Sunday, September 21, 2008

The hot tub experience....

Yesterday I went to a huge birthday party and while there I decided to get in the hot tub. There were several children there, moving in a circle, so I hopped in and told them to pass me by on the circling thing. They were playing 'what's your favorite.....?', so I played along. It was fine till we got to what's your favorite band. They had never heard of Glenn Miller, so I kicked it forward a few decades and tried Jimmy Buffet. Struck out there, too. The next category was cars. One little girl announced hers was a Lamborghini. They asked for my opinion and I opined that while I like the car I drive (a Mercury) I still think a Volvo is the best car made. They nodded agreement, then the Lamborghini child said that her parents had told her if she got a full scholarship for 4 years to college that they would give her her college money and she could get her Lamborghini. When I asked her about her grades, she assured me she only makes A's. The situation deteriorated when they asked about the Disney games/shows. Finally, one of my grands said almost pityingly - " you don't use the Disney channel, gran". I just listened for awhile. I really don't know a lot of what they talked about after that, but when I did chime in, I received respectful attention. Lovely children.

Then I learned that my youngest grandson has changed his name from Spencer Scott to Soup Bob Murphy. He puts this name on his papers at school and somehow he has the blessed facility of being so entertaining that everyone, including his teachers, think he is a real kick. So y'all move over and make room for Soup Bob.

On a sober side, one of my oldest friends just called to tell me that her son (40 yrs old) has had a massive heart attack and is still unconscious. The doctor doesn't expect him to wake up. He is a brittle diabetic and also an severe alcoholic. Sometimes we get a sucker punch when we are least prepared for it. We knew he was killing himself, just didn't expect it so fast. We are such optimists. We have a right to be optimistic, though, because God knows already how many days He has marked out for each of us, and we know where we are going. What a blessing.

I have had to reprioritize my list. Now, with an abcessed tooth, the surgeon won't remove this other cataract. I am on major antibiotics and major pain pills and sometimes I think I am seriously over medicated. One thing at a time, and we'll all get through all of this.

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