Sunday, September 14, 2008

Time condensed?

Have you ever tried to get through things so fast that you have piled one week onto another just to get them out of the way so you can have some peace?I find myself doing this. Not any of these things are bad things, but I think I am really concerned about the Bishop's visit. No reason for me to be so, except that when they came before no one was available to take them around except us. Everyone else was at work. And we enjoyed them, but it was exhausting. This visit is a shorter one, we have a priest who has a van and who will do the hauling around. We will have a few dinners - one for vestry and spouses, one for OSL members followed by a healing service, another praise and graze type thing and a church picnic. I don't have much responsibility this time, I think I'm just reacting to the tiredness I felt the last time they came. My mother would say "why are you wishing your life away?' and she'd be right. It's only this visit I want to wish - not away because I like them - but behind us rather than ahead. Does this make any sense?

After that eye surgery I decided I could indeed knit even if I couldn't see to read. So off I went on my favorite orange and green stole. About three inches later I realized I had left off the first 6 stitches of one side. You all know I am not a happy ripper, but this had to be the solution this time. I am almost through replacing stitches, but the last about 12 stitches are of multiple strands of threads and I am having a hard time seeing them,. Maybe put it away till I have the other eye done? Probably.

We had no effect from the hurricane. Wouldn't have minded some more rain. Our reservoirs are definitely not full and I would be happier if they were. But this is one of the iffy parts of living in west Texas.

Pray for a President who can and will do something to lower the price of prescription medicine. .

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Mary Beth said...

Dishcloths are good for low light situations (and bad eye situations) - they are hard to mess up.