Saturday, September 6, 2008

Up to date...

Well, we are doing our own driving - I should say that Dad is driving and won't let me. My children seem to think I am a menace on the road and since they have uncommonly good sense, they are probably right about this also.

You learn the most interesting things at the hairdresser. Was having my hair shampooed last week and was complaining about this cataract removal I had about a month ago. I'm still having trouble and can't seem to get the eye to work correctly. As I stopped talking, a lady with a towel on her head said the same thing had happened to her. Asked if it ever got better, she said no, that she now had a new opthomologist(sp?). You know the rest of the story,. Same doctor I had used,. I will see him Monday morning as I want him to check my eye out but no way is he going near the other one. I've called the surgery center and canceled that one. I have a terrific friend who has had both eyes done and sings the praises of her doctor, so we are finding him and trusting this other eye to him. Really, a beauty shop is an amazing place.

We went to see Mally on Thursday and she has only a sling on her broken arm.. Her arm is painful but Dad keeps her in meds at the right time. Like her mom, she is unstoppable. This afternoon she is going to a triple birthday party at the city pool. She'll have to sit it out, but she is going. They have this all worked out. Her mom will shampoo her hair in the kitchen and she has to take sponge baths for the duration. She will see a specialist this week and hopefully he will have something better that a sling. She can feel the bones move when she moves. Yeeech! I took her a stack of books and she's planning to go back to school Monday and use her left hand to do her work on the keyboard.Unstoppable, yes?

I finally stopped looking at those bushes in the front bed - the ones I didn't want there, and since I knew their roots went down to China, I had the workman out here who does all the plantings come and dig them up. While I was at it, he moved them to the back yard and put in my two lantanas, the plumbago and the rosemary. Now my soaker hose has disintegrated and I am going to replace it asap. I think these plants will be loads better off in the ground than in pots.

The large print book section of the library is getting quite a workout. Also I have several books on tape and on CD's. I put one of the players by my chair and with earphones I can miss the football games and all the wars which get replayed at our house. Once a soldier, always a soldier, I think.

God's richest blessings to you all..

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Mary Beth said...

So glad you will see a different eye doctor!!!

I talked to Mally this morning. She said her arm hurts! :(

Glad you got the bushes moved.

Hey, it is NEXT weekend I am coming, not this weekend.