Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Update again..

Mally saw a specialist on Tuesday morning after a frustrating day of trying to get a referral to the doctor Nancy wanted. Her arm is broken straight across, just below the shoulder joint. She is wrapped, I think, in something that immobilizes her arm. She can bend it to the front or back but never outward. She was pretty ticked when I talked to Nancy yesterday as they were both going to school, and Mally didn't think she was ready to go back yet. I think I mightn't have been either. It's no fun to have people moving a broken bone around.

After all my ranting about Dr. K, I did go back because I wanted him to see this mess of an eye and to tell him I was not happy about it. He said he wasn't either. He checked me thoroughly and said my problems are 1) Sjogren's is very active right now and that it is imperative that I keep liquid in my eyes all the time, 2) some allergy is involved, 3) that a huge problem is that one eye is repaired and it is working overtime trying to carry the other one. It is not able to do that, but it won't stop trying. Says we need to have this next surgery asap. The measurements between eyes involves numbers from the 4200 range to 204. I don't know what the numbers mean but this is wide. With this explanation and knowing that it would take months to get in to another eye surgeon and have this done, I have decided to trust him, pray a lot, and go ahead and do the second one. It will be Sept 23, so Dad and I are going out and have a nifty birthday dinner the night before. Two days after the surgery, our Bishop will be coming from Africa on a retirement visit. We enjoyed him and his wife and sect'y last year and it will be nice to see him again. The weekend before, MB is coming to see us and I am so glad. We;'ll have a birthday party then for dad also, so he gets to party it up.

Dad's leg is not painful as long as he doesn't move it the wrong way. He has learned pretty fast not to do that. He would like to discontinue Meals for the elderly, but I'd like to keep it up for a while longer. At least through next week. Payment is not required but we will send them a nice check as a donation. They rely largely on these and the least we can do is to pay for our food and then a little for someone else.

On another note, our minister has been teaching all of the time we have been with him, that a 'text without a context is a pretext'. I am learning that this is so true. Each month he gives us a quote to think about. Last month it was from John Stott, whom I respect, but I disagreed with this. So I am chasing down the material from which it was taken to see what the context is. It's amazing how many religions and other groups exist because they have taken one bit of text and built it into a freestanding truth. Bad idea. More on this later.

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Songbird said...

Eye issues are so irritating, I do hope this one will be soon resolved!