Wednesday, September 17, 2008

happy day!

Mary Beth is coming to see us on Friday and will be here till some time Sunday. We can hardly wait!. We are going to a birthday party at the Scott's for Spencer, Dad and Nancy on Saturday. So far I've been assigned to pick up the cake, tho have offered to bring other things.

We've enjoyed the meals for the elderly, but I think we need to stop them after next week. Dad doesn't really like them, tho I do. They mean I can do less cooking in the evening and I like that. Besides, the food is pretty good, all around. They also bring interesting things for weekends, always different. I will send a check to help them out though they don't charge us for them.

Cataract surgery next Tuesday. Now I find I have a probably abcessed tooth and will have to have a bridge taken off and remade plus having another tooth pulled. Bleah! Getting old is kind of fun, but the maintenance is getting to be a nuisance.

Cooler weather, and I love it. I am making good use of the CD collection and the large print books. They are great.

Had a long email from Betsy, will try to forward it to all of you so you will know how they are. Really busy, as you all are. I'm so glad we found the Osborns. They are still with John as there is no electricity or water in LJ. Jane is here and will stay with her eldest and the twins. Ah, such hardship duty!. She says they use webcam to communicate with the little ones,when they are in Indonesia, and the children really don't understand how their grandparents got into the TV. It's like tuning on the light switch. I don't understand that either, but I certainly take it for granted.

I've just listened to a book on tape - Nineteen Minutes, by Jodi Picoult. Difficult to read or hear, but it details what leads up to a Columbine type situation and is really worth reading. Let me know if you do and what you think.
Peace be with you.


EmJayDee said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend together.

Mary Beth said...

I've read the Picoult book. Too hard to read. And I am very careful about what I listen to on cd, because if I am reading, I can skim parts taht are too painful; but if I am listening I am at the mercy of the author.

I'm SO sorry I didn't make it this weekend. Man, have I been sick. And this thing is so, so contagious - everyone in my office has had it. I did not want to bring it to you.

I am starting to feel better but still bad sinus headache (unrelated to the flu I'm sure, more like the mold and pollen numbers that are through the roof)

Holley and TJ are here on their way back home. Still no power at their home in Spring. But they both have to be back at work on Monday and at school on Tuesday.