Friday, June 20, 2008

sun and sky

This afternoon we drove to Mertzon to Nancy's, even though they were all gone. We swam and I stretched my aching back. It always helps. Funny, the sky is bluer there and the oak trees greener. Dad says it is the smog in Angelo. I think he's yanking my chain, but I'm so literal I'm not really sure. I could join the Community health club here and swin there, but somehow, in the summer, anyway, it is so much better in the sun, under the blue sky. Nancy was somewhere in class for two days, with her dual knee braces and her sometimes crutches. Scooter and the kids have another fire at the ranch and were off to fight it. We do wish we could be of some use. We've told them if there is a bad one to call and we can come and make sandwiches and ice drinks and get them to them. I can still do food if I sit on a stool, but not much use fighting fires. I told the grandkids this and Saxon said "Your wisdom from living so long is more valuable than fighting fires." Do you believe this? I am honored beyond words. It isn't schmooze when they say it, because they got it direct from their parents. Don't I have great kids? The best!!!!!

I made my very own margarita this afternoon, Whoop! Now, time for dinner. Tomorrow I work in the shop as it is the last of the 50% off sale. I'll take my knitting,but it should be busy.

Till later, may the Lord bless you. MJ

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