Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A new day---

Well, dears, today I had considered going to a children's church meeting to meet people from other churches in various areas. Mine is children's choir. I didn't go - made an appointment with chiropractor for a back workout instead. Besides, I know how to run a children's choir. The only problem I have is that now I don't have a choir, I have a duet. I am mad about these two little girls, and it takes guts for them to stand up and sing, just the two of them. I still am mulling how to get more children to sing, short of kidnapping.

Still stewing about this 'humble' thing. To me, humble = humility = humiliation. No, no, no!!! That can't be what it is about. I will keep stewing.

I'm also falling in love with cabling in my knitting. But to show off cables well, you can't use a wild mixture of colors. I must have some gypsy in me - no, a lot - because I glory in lots of color and texture to the point of overkill. Gotta watch that.

We leave for Fredricksburg on Thursday after lunch. I am so looking forward to doing this. I hope to take the children to my favorite herb shop for lunch and one day we will have lunch with Nancy and her fellow students. I also need a really good basil plant. My cooking is handicapped without this. I make pesto when the basil really gets going and freeze it in a divided tray. DH doesn't eat pesto, so I can take out what I want and give him his great love - catsup. Bleah. Sometimes I have to insist he at least taste what I cook before he covers it all with catsup.
Catsup - the great equalizer.

Choir practice tonight and it is always such fun. I have finally remembered Betty Pulkingham's descant for the Duke Street tune. I have to talk the guitarists into dropping down a couple of keys so I can reach all of it. Or rewrite, dropping those E and F notes. My soprano goes to D, sometimes to F and no higher. The bad news is that our two fabulous guitarists are going to be gone for two weeks! Aggggh! And they want me to bring my guitar. I'll do it, and they may well be sorry. I already told them I only played easy chords.

Pray for everybody - it works.


Allykins99 said...

Have a wonderful time in Fredericksburg and a safe journey there and back!

Be sure to buy some peaches while you are there. They have such wonderful peaches!

Happy early birthday to Mallory!

Love - Katie Barnes

MJ said...

Hi, Katie. You started this last year but why did you stop? Please start writing -I'd love to be able to keep up with your life. I'll look for peaches and we'll live in peach heaven as long as they last.

I'll tell Mally Happy Day from you.

Now write!!!!! MJ