Saturday, June 14, 2008

I did it this time!

I made it through the day. Sylvia made it easy for me. She picked me up at 7 (she wanted to come at 6- gag!), but she drove me right to the Fort Concho house we were using. The only one with a cross breeze and a bathroom, no less. It was very pleasant. They brought breakfast to me, since I don't walk so well. I taught about 9 people to knit, all of whom said they couldn't possibly learn to do that. Sylvia's daughter worked on the Playskool loom and loved it and her 5 year old worked the inkle loom and really understood what he was doing. He was doing the demonstrating for awhile, which was a hoot! His dad took the loom home to try to copy one for him. He has good hands and good coordination. I may even try this again next year - but then next year is a long, long time, so we'll see.

And I was right. I didn't make the afternoon meeting. What I did was apparently a real help, however, and I'm always glad of a chance to teach somebody something, especially when they are so sure they can't learn it.

Peace :)


Cathy said...

What a gift you are giving by teaching others to knit. Bless you.

Mary Beth said...

I agree! But your next demo needs to be an afternoon one. No joke!

Remember Dr. Christie's exercise in how to say, "NOOO....NOOO.."