Saturday, June 21, 2008

Unbusy day

This morning I went to the shop for Nancy. It was the last day of the 50% off sale and they were expecting a crowd so I had two other broads there. Another was coming at noon. So they sent me home, but not before I had picked up a few of the things I have been wanting but wouldn't pay full price for. Yeehah! Lazy afternoon. Plans are now to meet Nancy in Fredricksburg this next Friday and keep the kids for two days while she goes to class. Friday is Mally's 11th birthday and Scooter will be in Washington with the Boy Scouts. I expect we'll have a hoorah party with a cake. Yeah! Besides we can wander the town or loll in the pool. I'm for lolling, myself.

Be at peace with everybody - it works. M


EmJayDee said...
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EmJayDee said...

Hope your week goes well and the party is a blast! Nice to meet you in the blogosphere. From one MJ to another :-)