Monday, June 23, 2008

sad news

My news this morning was that Mugabe's challenger has backed out of the election in Zimbabwe. Many people had been hurt in helping to unseat Mugabe, and this may be why, but these people had involved themselves willingly and I wish the election had gone on. Getting a true and free election in this country may be hopeless, however. I know God will take care of Mugabe in His own time, but in my humanness (sp?) I have to wish He would hurry. And yes, I know that is incredibly presumptious. Have to pray for the people of this country, even more.

I've just 'met' another blogger friend from Australia (New South Wales to be more specific). She is also an MJ and I am learning new things about down under from just reading her blogs. Thanks, MJ.

In other areas, Nancy is seeing her doctor again on Wednesday and will get her 'marching orders' for rehab. If my previous therapist is correct, one has just 6 weeks from time of surgery until you lose benefit from it. So she has four weeks. I know her well enough to know that she will do the painful work to get her mobility to the place it needs to be. I'm cheering for her.

MB and Sarah had a cooking day together last Saturday at Sarah's place. They make massive amounts of casserole food, keeping one for each and sending the rest to Janet's for her and Marshall. Sarah and Marshall are coming next month to spend a few days with us.

By late fall, maybe we can have another family reunion for the HG's. The last one was such a resounding success. Hopefully this time, we can all stay closer to the ranch - have to check with Scooter about this - he is always so hospitable.

Today, I set up the first appointment for cataract removal. This doctor only works one week a month in the summer- we should all be so lucky. So this work will be done one eye at a time, and a month apart. This happens in August and September. I'm getting tired of not seeing clearly. It is slowing down my reading.

In the other MJ"s blog I read a poem which I love. Try googling it if you want to read it. It begins

"Because He is risen, spring is possible "
I have to write for permission to reprint or I would do it here.

Forgive everybody - that works, too.

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