Thursday, June 19, 2008

oops !!

I now have a writeup in the Midland online newspaper. To read it, go to and look for the article on the 76 year old. In reading this, I find that apparently I have not written enough about my faith. I am a committed Christian and a member of Good Shepherd Anglican church here. I serve there as occasional adult Bible study teacher, choir member, leader of children's choir, a as a lay minister at the altar and a visitor to the ill. I dearly love my church and the people in it as they are all focused on Jesus. The new Bible study I may lead in the fall is on the 100 most important passages in scripture. Fascinating. I suppose I haven't written about my Christian walk so much because my family and friends know we are committed. But this is what really defines my life.

I'm not feeling so much like Pollyana today, but I'm still extremely happy. We've had a very easy week this week. I had something to do during the day on Wednesday but I couldn't read my own writing so I didn't know what and where. I'm sure they will get along just fine without me. Saturday I will be working in the shop in Mertzon again - always fun, and Friday I think we will go to daughter Nancy's house so I can work my back out in her pool. Also fun. And by now you will know that if it's fun, I'm up for it.

God's peace to you all........

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Cathy said...

HEY - I know a famous blogger now!!! You made the newspaper with your blog - how cool is that!