Wednesday, June 18, 2008

more from the land of 'happily ever after'

Here's a funny for you. I fell the other day, on the kitchen floor. No, no, that part isn't funny - it hurt! The funny part is that Dad came roaring into the kitchen shouting "should I call an ambulance? Do you think you've broken your hip?" To which I answered, "It can't break, remember? It's made of metal - do help me up". While getting these metal hips was certainly no fun, being 'metal woman' has it's advantages.

PS The bruises aren't funny, either.

PPS- my youngest grands think this story is uproarious. Maybe I'll be one of those old ladies who get funny stories told about them when they are gone. Hopefully - though I'm in no rush to go anywhere.

Rest in the mystery.......

1 comment:

Mary Beth said...

Egads. I'm not laughing. Maybe later.

I hope you can stop falling down soon, or at least wrap yourself in blankets every morning. (Worries)