Friday, June 13, 2008

Whoop (as the Aggies say)

And also hooray!. Today is our wedding anniversary and I think it's 44 years. After a while it all seems to blur??? It's just time, after all. We celebrated by taking in the new Narnia movie and stuffing lobster down our faces at Red Lobster after. I swear I will eat no more fat this week. So there!

Well, boys and girls, I have both looms warped and need to find shuttles and wind them, also start some new knitting and it is 9:30 PM. Have to be ready to roll at 7. Bleah! I will never understand why people do this early stuff! But this is for the Cattlewomens Association and for Sylvia and for the Girl Scouts. All good stuff. I can collapse in the PM. Trouble is, I want to go to a fiber arts meeting to learn more about color blending. Bet I don't make it.

Nancy had her knee surgery on Wednesday (both knees - she's a glutton for punishment) and she is not having an easy time of it. She'd planned to drive to Fredricksburg today and for tomorrow for her graduate classes. Happily, Scooter phoned her teacher who said she could already tell that Nancy is a stellar student and certainly she can miss a week. Nice to be validated, isn't it? She really does ourstanding work on school needs and loves it.

Happy Birthday to everyone whose birthdays I have forgotten this year as well as those I will forget. I plead advanced age, here. Some days I do well to get from one end of the house to the other. In fact, I have put so many dents in the car that Dad and I have switched cars at least until I can get these cataracts removed. Doctor said they were ready last fall, but medicare wouldn't pay for it until I lost more vision. This year, I will definitely lose more vision. (Actually, I already have). I can't have my reading interrupted,for sure!

Three years ago, when we moved here, and I received the first few electric bills, I realized that the thermostat had to go from 73 to 79 or 80. It took a while, but now it is amazing how comfortable we are with it higher.

Scooter came over and moved the pots and things I couldn't handle and now my garden is shaping up so well. It's good that RCW limits me to a small plot. This is enough to have my flowers and herbs. Dad backed his car into my rosemary pot and broke it. His penance was to help me repot it. All done, and the rosemary seems not to have minded being shaken up.

We are both serving at the altar this Sunday and after will take communion to the nursing home and to one member who has just gone home. She is a magnificent woman, had an operatic voice and has beaten cancer 5-6 times. This time it is winning. She has a great attitude to the inevitable. We love visiting her and helping as much as we can with her transitions.

Rest in the mystery, y'all

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