Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Did you ever wonder?????

Why people continue to overschedule themselves, when they know how bad it is for them? I do, daily,. I think I do this because I can't realize I have grown older (not old!) and I am wearing out. Somehow I am scheduled to work the shop tomorrow. That's ok. See doctor on Fri and complain bitterly. (I am looking for another internist/gp). Then, somehow on Saturday, I have allowed myself to think it will be fun to have warped two small looms and started a bit more knitting for teaching purposes, and to go AT 7 in the morning to represent the Cattlewomen's association to begin to introduce youngsters to the joys of fiber arts. I know I will love it when I get there - I always do, but have lots of apprehension as it approaches,. I think I will take the looms to the shop tomorrow. It is often dead empty and maybe I can warp there. Probably.

Pray for me to come to my senses....

Rest in the mystery (I am trying)


Mary Beth said...

Hmmmm. Who said that!?

MJ said...

You did, and please keep trying. Maybe it will work....Mom